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Our Naturalista


Chantee B., is the founder and naturalista behind Nayko Naturals. Chantee lives by the motto “If you don’t see it, create it.” And that’s exactly what she did. Chantee founded Nayko Naturals after not being able to find a true natural body butter product in the market. Many products claimed to be natural, but when she looked at the ingredient list there were 40+ ingredients that she’d never heard of. In 2017, Chantee began questioning all of the environmental toxins that she was being exposed to, starting with products that she placed on her skin and in her body. In fact, while doing research in preparation for launching the brand, Chantee found that her natural curly hair product that she used for years was recently sanctioned by the FTC for false claims of being all-natural.

Chantee conducted research on the natural skincare market for over 3 years, and was determined to perfect her skincare product formulations.  She decided to take it back to the basics with Nayko Naturals.